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So Crazy Right Now

So I think I may have taken on more projects than I realized. Here’s all the craziness that is going on right now.

SBC Clients

– I have signed up about three new clients this past month.
– I have about five existing clients’ sites that are still in the developmental phase.

Made Market

– I am both the coordinator and graphic designer for Made Market.
– I am in charge of registering vendors, updating the web site, updating all social media, organizing volunteers, and overseeing the entire show.

Online Coaching Program

– I’m part of a seven month program to develop myself as a business coach for small businesses.
– This requires a minimum of about four hours a week.

Transitional Storage Center

– I’ve taken on about 20 hours a week at this non-profit organization.

Full Time Mom

Oh yeah, and I am 24/7 mom on top of it all!


I wish I had more finished projects to post (they’re all wonderful works in progress), but I made the mistake of taking on new projects before the previous projects were (mostly) done, so now they’ve snowballed and keep snowballing, so I’m sort of trying to outrun a giant avalanche I’ve created for myself… all while chasing around a toddler.

In a couple weeks, things will ease up as I managed to finally get extra help. Even then I’ll be playing catch up.

That said, I’m re-evaluating the intake process for new clients to prevent this snowball effect.

It’s great to be busy, and I’ve been blessed with some really wonderful clients.

However I think I’ve reached a point where I have to say “no” or “not right now” for clients that are requesting to work with me as of 10/15/2014.

I want to slow this avalanche and get this business back on track.

Unless you’ve received positive confirmation that I am taking you on as a client, I’m pushing the wait list as far back as January 2015, or at least until the dust clouds settle.

Thank you to both current and future clients for your patience and understanding. I believe God has some wonderful and amazing things in store for our businesses, and I’m excited to work with you all ♥

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Made Market Look Book

I recently shot a portion of the Made Market look book with Big Feather, Little Arrow.

I have to say, I still love photography!











Featuring Big Feather, Little Arrow (felt headband, blue gingham top, frame top, rust and mustard pants), Whavery Crafts (felt floral crown), Mina Loves Bows (leather bow, last image), and Shop Mini Chuck (owl collar, last image)

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Coffee Talk Tuesday: Never Use this “A” Word


So often new entrepreneurs find themselves saying the “a” word.

They believe the “a” word will bring them business and growth.

The “a” word is a dirty word.

Never, ever use the “a” word in any of your marketing.

Have you guessed it yet?

The “a” word is “affordable”.

When I first started my wedding photography business, I too was guilty of using the “a” word. My schtick was “affordable, quality photography”. In fact, “quality” is just as bad.

“Affordable” and “quality” are puff words used in advertising, like “better” “bigger” “faster”. They don’t really quantify or describe anything.

Yes, I realize that you’re new and you need to get your name out there. But people should not purchase your product or retain your services merely because it’s affordable.

So how did I rise above and position myself as a quality photographer, without having to actually say those words?

I let my work speak for itself.

stacy barnes photography

Stunning, right? Can you imagine the word “affordable” next to this image? No, it would be an insult to the quality of work. And “affordable” is an insult to your work.

If you’re amazing at what you do, you don’t need fluff words like “affordable” to sell yourself.

In fact, if people want what you sell, they’ll do what they can to afford it! When I was looking for vendors for my own wedding, I selected the best and cut out anything I didn’t need. I probably spent way more on the cake than we should have, but it was worth every penny.

Remove The “A” Word, Show Your Value

Create value-added packages
– Group a la carte items together for a “discount” so that people will see the value of your product
– Create premium packages to make the smaller packages seem less expensive (but don’t sell a premium package if you’re not actually prepared to offer it!)

Showcase your product in the best light
– Use the best photography
– Clean up your web site
– Delete anything that indicates you made your web site with a free service (ie. Wix; if you have to pay to remove it, pay it.)

Offer amazing customer service
– If you sell a service, people will more likely remember the business that offered amazing customer service than another business of equal value that offered mediocre service
– Answer e-mails and phone calls promptly
– Do not send more than one follow-up email, lest you come across as desperate

Remember, “affordable” devalues the quality of your work, no matter how amazing it is. Attract clients/customers by offering value.

Stay strong, stay focused, and stay true to you.


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Coffee Talk: People Buy Your Passion


People Buy Your Passion

Entrepreneurship is a long, hard road. If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, or if you’re only doing it to make money, you are going to burn out much quicker.

Would you believe that before SBC, I tried to sell wedding invitations?

I was a successful wedding photographer with some valuable contacts and I could have succeeded if I wanted to. The business model I had was quite viable… but I didn’t have the passion to see it through. I was bored. BORED to tears!! and not the happy kind…

Yes, I can design wedding invitations. But it doesn’t mean I should. I didn’t have the same love for it as I photography or what I’m doing now.

Oh but building businesses and watching entrepreneurs grow, that I love. And people know it. People see it. And people buy it.

Are you focused on the right things for your business? Are you doing what you love, or are you just trudging along for a paycheck?

So goes the saying, “Do what you love, love what you do.”

Even if the thing you love to do doesn’t make you money *today*, if you keep at it, it will bring a payday eventually.

Stay strong, stay focused, and stay true to you!


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Made Market


It’s coming, it’s coming! San Diego’s newest (and awesomest!) craft fair is coming November 22, and I’m heading it up!

Maggie from Type & Title will be doing the official brand graphics (*can’t wait*). In the meantime, all you craft fiends, SAVE THE DATE! And follow Made Market on all social media @MadeMarketSD


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